What you’ll see from the boat
Our snorkeling trips combine a pleasant boat ride along the Israeli coast of the Red Sea with snorkeling at one or two of the best spots in Eilat. On the way to the snorkeling site, you'll see the entire Israeli coastline with its colorful hills, to the east the Jordanian coast with the mountains of biblical Edom, and in the South the Sinai mountains drop down and touch the blue of the sea. On most days even Saudia Arabia is visible in the distance.

What you’ll see in the sea
Fun things that are very often seen include many species of reef fish, such as parrot fish, butterfly fish, triggerfish, clownfish or larger fish like groupers or moray eels, all kinds of weird fish scorpionfish, stonefish and lionfish, or the occasional blue spotted stingray or octopus and a lot more creatures .

How it works
We’ll meet at the boat, fit masks and fins and leave the marina. Once we arrive at the snorkeling spot, the skipper will give you a detailed briefing about the site and safety procedures. Experienced snorkelers can snorkel on their own. If you are new to snorkeling or prefer to be accompanied, we’ll provide a snorkeling guide upon your request and at an additional fee. Please let us know in advance when booking the trip. We'll bring along light snacks and cold refreshments. Also floating devices will be on board for those who like to use them.

standard tour take about two hours and includes one snorkeling stop, but we're happy to accommodate requests for longer tours with stops at two different snorkeling stops. We can also offer a private snorkeling tour for your group if you prefer.

An in-water snorkeling guide
can be arranged for NIS 400.
Onboard rental of mask, snorkel and fins is
NIS 25 per person.
Optional wetsuit rental costs NIS 40 per person.


Prices are valid through June 30, 2023
All tours are offered Sun-Fri except sunset and evening cruises (Sun-Thurs)

Shulamit Sea & Tours is owned and operated by Shulamit Koretz, licensed commercial skipper.

Our 31-ft custom-built tour and dive boat Ashira is licensed by the Israel Shipping Adminstration to carry 15 passengers including staff, and carries all required safety equipment and insurance. The boat is docked in the Eilat City Marina near the Dan Panorama Hotel (we'll send you a map when you book).

Telephone, WhatsApp and Signal:
Email: shulamit-sea@outlook.com